A phenomenally fun time, in a sort of running with scissors kind of way!


‘Remember that time we went for a swim below the castles and cliffs of the Maya at Tulum on Christmas Day?’ That was pretty awesome.


Where else can you look at a monkey on your right, an alligator on your left, and then go snorkeling in an estuary 20 yards away?

Where James Bond Would Vacation

Adventura Spa Palace is so ridiculously opulent and relaxing, you start to wonder how you can live there.

This is Cancun

The waiting room for Paradise, though we didn’t know it yet.

Pre-Flight Beer

Always good to calm your nerves before flying with a pre-flight beer. Unless you’re the pilot, of course.

How to Swim One Mile Nonstop

Now April, I had 14 weeks to learn to swim 5.25 miles non-stop in the ocean by mid-July.

Back in Black in Blacksburg

Everyone has a place their soul calls home. For some it’s mom’s kitchen with that favorite childhood dish on the stove. Some poor bastards find it in a life’s work. Others find home at a bar, on the links, or in their baby girl’s eyes. Me? My home is nestled a hundred miles away from anything in the Blue Ridge mountains, out where the buses, planes and trains don’t run and I’m on my way.