These are the headphones I was talking about. I use these for my long distance swimming practices and they are a lifesaver. Listening to music keeps me from becoming bored out of my mind on the 2+ hour practice swims I do.

They clip on to your goggles and broadcast your MP3s through your cheekbones rather than through headphones that plug into your ears. What is really entertaining is that although you, the swimmer can use them perfectly – you hear crystal clear sound – nobody else can here you. I’ve used them in the pool and Josh couldn’t hear a thing swimming right next to me. Another novelty to me is that you can hear them better when your head is in the water than out. That said, they are obviously not meant for anyone but serious swimmers. There is no reason why anyone should buy these if they are doing water sports (jet skiing, surfing, wake boarding, etc) These headphones are really just for swimmers.

Training for the 5.5. mile Cross Bay Swim I had been counting laps in the pool. At 64 lengths per mile, you’re looking at 352 lengths to match the distance. That’s a lot of swimming and a heck of a lot of time alone with nothing but your thoughts. When I swim in open water I really zone out. There is nothing to look at, the water is dirty and black. During the summer, or wearing my wetsuit, the water temperature feels like your body temperature so it”s kind of like being in a sensory deprivation chamber. There is nothing to hear except the whine of the powerboats. Until you crank up the music!

Finis SwiMP3 V2 Underwater MP3 Player-New Design with Goggles

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