On Procrastination

What Happened? Well, I started strong writing for NaNoWriMo, but ultimately failed. I could not get my head around how awfully I wrote. Sure, the contest guidelines tell you this will be a problem. “Just write!” they say. “Worry about editing this later!” “Perfection is the enemy!” “Getting started is the hardest part.”

Help a Writer Out!

I first heard of NaNoWriMo when reading Leo’s Zen Habits 2009 write up. Thought it was interesting and then went on. Of course I thought ‘Gee, that’s exactly what I need to get that novel (finished / continue / uh.. started!) Then Lori reminded me of the challenge when she advised her audience at large about her lessons. We had a bunch of conversations, comments, tweets, and mutual admiration sessions and I got really excited about it. Later on my inner drill seargeant screamed at me Full Metal Jacket style to “Come on you pansy, quit talking about what you’re going to do and do it already! It’s time to buckle up, butter cup!” My inner voices can be quite demanding at times. So I decided I would. Then I told you.

My Great American Novel

It’s been too long. I think I’m ready for a new challenge. Swimming and travelling have been fun (and I don’t plan on getting married again!) Perhaps now it is time for a more academic endeavor. Enter NaNoWriMo.

Should You Keep Your Goals to Yourself or Announce them to the World?

I’m a big fan of announcing my goals in order to secure both social accountability in my achieving them (I’d rather let myself down than those I tell) and for rallying support on the help, aid, and reaffirmation I know I’ll need along the way. This video leans a different way with some very valid points. How about you?

New (old) TV series.

Seriously. Play cubicle bingo. You’ll score, like, a milion-bazilion points.

Drugs are Not Office Supplies

Important safety tip here. Enjoy your weekend!

The Brilliant Will Smith

Will Smith is freaking brilliant. Maybe you don’t want to be a TV / Movie / Hip Hop mogul. Regardless, this dude has a phenomenal personal philosophy that can help you do whatever it is that you do.

Quotes of My Friend’s Fathers

Last week I spent some time recounting my favorite quotes from my Dad. I also wrote up a few quotes from the fathers of my favorite writers on the Internet. Today I’m taking a look at some of my favorite words of wisdom from the fathers of my friends.

Cubicle Warrior World Cup Edition

What I love about the World Cup – and indeed any mass market sport is the simple beauty of it. Athletic competition, even if you don’t particularly care for the sport is a wonderful abstraction of the best of the human condition. No one on any of these teams is on them for anything but their skill. It doesn’t matter who their parents are, how much anybody likes them, what they believe in or who they date. All that matters is that they can play ball at the highest level. There’s a true simple beauty in that.

Lessons from the Dad’s of the best of the Blogosphere.

The Blogosphere is an interesting place filled with interesting people. A while ago I asked a bunch of internet celebrities about the lessons that they learned from their dads. Most took the time to respond and I’m very thankful they did.