6 Money Myths

Money can’t buy you happiness.

The Checked Luggage Hack

Checking luggage sucks. Not only for the fees you have to pay – each way! – but for the fact that once you give your luggage to the gate personnel, you stand a fair chance of never seeing those belongings again. So, what if there was a way to check your luggage in a manner […]

Gas Mileage and Free Cars.

Here’s another item to consider with my pursuit of a free car: Gas. My current car gets 20 miles / gallon. The to-be-free Kia should get over 30 miles / gallon. This will lead to additional projected savings making it even easier to get a ‘free car!’ For the record, this is how I check […]

Ever Closer to My Free Car!

Ever closer to my free car! OK, we’ve talked about Why I Will Never Drive My Porsche to Work. We’ve talked about my (soon-to-be) new, free car. Now we’re going to talk about how Obama wants me to be happy. Gas guzzlers could get $3,500 or $4,500 in government vouchers to use toward the purchase […]

My Free, New Car

IRS gets one step closer to my free car! I have had a plan that eventually, car prices will be low enough AND enough taxes refunds /incentives will come my way that I will get a new, free car. In equation form: Pn (price of new car) < = Pt (price of my trade in) […]

Never Drive Your Porsche to Work

I will never drive my Porsche to work. Even when I finally get a Porsche, that is. Want to know why?

Biking to Work

During the fuel crunch last year, ScopeCreep and I were debating ways to make the commute in a different way than our gas guzzling Ford Explorer and Pickup trucks. We hit on bicycling. What would one need to pack to do this? Why Bike to Work? Get in Shape Save $ Help the Environment Issues […]

What FreeCreditReport.com Doesn’t Want You to Know

Seriously. This is either a case of domain name speculation and opportunism gone berserk, the incredible ineptitude and fast-as-molasses-on-an-iceberg speed of the US Federal government, or both.