Help a Writer Out!

I first heard of NaNoWriMo when reading Leo’s Zen Habits 2009 write up. Thought it was interesting and then went on. Of course I thought ‘Gee, that’s exactly what I need to get that novel (finished / continue / uh.. started!) Then Lori reminded me of the challenge when she advised her audience at large about her lessons. We had a bunch of conversations, comments, tweets, and mutual admiration sessions and I got really excited about it. Later on my inner drill seargeant screamed at me Full Metal Jacket style to “Come on you pansy, quit talking about what you’re going to do and do it already! It’s time to buckle up, butter cup!” My inner voices can be quite demanding at times. So I decided I would. Then I told you.

Empty Your Cup

Empty your cup. I am not sure on the origin of this philosophy or even from where I first heard it. But I like it. You may have heard it before. If not, here’s a primer in the form I remember it in – that of a martial arts student and the master he came to study from:

Peaceful Dragon

Everyone has their coping strategies for cubicle life. I like to travel and chase goals. I also enjoy pursuing various physical challenges to keep me sane. The last 2 years it was the 5.25 mile Cross Bay Swim. Previously it was bodybuilding, flag football, kickball, soccer, kayaking, hiking, or any number of other things. This year I decided to return to studying Martial Arts.

How to Lose 50lbs Hiking

My friend finally had enough of being out of shape and decided to do something about it. He’s a private sort of guy so he chose solitary hiking as his outlet. His results both physically and psychologically are nothing short of amazing.

How an Inheritance Can Get You Fired: Mathematical Proof

How an inheritance caused me to lose a coworker and how the same trap can get you fired.

Performance Based Benefits

The idea of Total Compensation is a popular one these days as employers try to quantify everything they do for employees.

6 Money Myths

Money can’t buy you happiness.

7 Secrets to Help You Learn Spanish Like Crazy

With Germany approaching, several people reading this site have been brushing up on or learning to speak German. The Mexico trip is also coming up this February so I am concentrating on rehabbing my Spanish. (I hope that I can muddle along with broken Portuguese in Brazil!) I found this 7 Secrets to Help You […]

The Checked Luggage Hack

Checking luggage sucks. Not only for the fees you have to pay – each way! – but for the fact that once you give your luggage to the gate personnel, you stand a fair chance of never seeing those belongings again. So, what if there was a way to check your luggage in a manner […]

Gas Mileage and Free Cars.

Here’s another item to consider with my pursuit of a free car: Gas. My current car gets 20 miles / gallon. The to-be-free Kia should get over 30 miles / gallon. This will lead to additional projected savings making it even easier to get a ‘free car!’ For the record, this is how I check […]