Should You Keep Your Goals to Yourself or Announce them to the World?

Hi all! Summer’s over and it’s back to school, back to professional dress, and a relaxing of the lazy days of summer as cubicle warriors face the pending 4th quarter deliverables. Oh, and I’m back blogging, too!

But…. I don’t really want to start off too hard, too fast. So let’s resume our community conversation with a Friday video! Heh, I’m off to the happiest place on Earth this weekend for a Virginia Tech tailgate in beautiful Blacksburg, Virginia anyway and nobody wants terribly difficult subjetcts covered this late in the afternoon before a weekend!

Today’s video comes from T.E.D. talks and shows some interesting points on whether you should announce your goals to the world or not. [Thanks to MarineCorps for sending it to my attention!]

To tell or not to tell, that is the question?

Watch it and let the rest of us know what you think in the comments below! If you’ve read my earlier posts you know that I’m a big fan of announcing my goals in order to secure both social accountability in my achieving them (I’d rather let myself down than those I tell) and for rallying support on the help, aid, and reaffirmation I know I’ll need along the way. This video leans a different way with some very valid points. How about you?

The Brilliant Will Smith

Will Smith is freaking brilliant. Maybe you don’t want to be a TV / Movie / Hip Hop mogul. Regardless, this dude has a phenomenal personal philosophy that can help you do whatever it is that you do.

Please note that the original video I posted was removed from YouTube. I found one that was similarly inspiring, if not identical to the first I published here. Let me know if this one changes.

Also, here’s a link to the book he referenced The Alchemist It’s a good, quick read suitable for adults and kids. I like to gift it to new dads and they enjoy reading it to their children.

Cubicle Warrior World Cup Edition

Time for another Friday Video. I’m between two wedding weekends. Last weekend was a quick jump up to NY for my brother’s engagement party. This weekend I leave a day early for a cousin-in-law’s (is that even a word?) wedding in Maryland. In between it all is the World Cup. And the theme of this weekend’s videos.

What I love about the World Cup – and indeed any mass market sport is the simple beauty of it. Athletic competition, even if you don’t particularly care for the sport is a wonderful abstraction of the best of the human condition. No one on any of these teams is on them for anything but their skill. It doesn’t matter who their parents are, how much anybody likes them, what they believe in or who they date. All that matters is that they can play ball at the highest level. There’s a true simple beauty in that.

It’s Not About

Top 10 skills

Soccer can be a subtle sport some times. Sure the goals and collisions get the Top Play billings on ESPN. Here’s a great clip of some of the best displays of skill from the last Cup.

Weekend Warrior – June 2010

Last Sunday I spent a great time with great friends over at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Coca Cola 600. Now, I’m not a NASCAR fan, but I am a fan of all day tailgating and bull!@#$ing with friends. And, as a man who has joked people watching cars go in a circle for hours on end mercilessly, I’ll be the first to admit that this is something you simply have to see and feel to understand. Simply put, it’s a great time. If you have any appreciation for strategy, engineering, endurance events, people watching or colorful corporate logos, the 600 is the place for you.

My regular readers know that every Friday I have the Friday Video – sort of like casual day on Fridays at work. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they are a distraction. Sometimes, even, they are poignant. This week I’m trying something a little different. I’ve joined the So Long, Fat Ass Weekend Warrior Challenge. This is because of my own Operation Spare Tire.

Let’s see how it goes.

My Weekend Warrior Goals

1. Recover from the Crash

I got pretty sick the day after this race and it’s stayed with me all week. I’m finally feeling a little bit better now but my diet has been a mess – when I could eat, I ate very, very poorly. Exercise has been nonexistent. In short, I’ve crashed this week. In keeping with Friday video, here’s a crash of the 48 car I saw last weekend:

It was about this time Cubicle Warrior commentator Jonathanwas picking up a third pizza for us to eat and ScopeCreep was screaming “End the race!”

In short, this weekend I need to get back to eating 5 small, healthy meals through out the day and ending my newfound dependency on diet soda – which, as Mac reminds us, is really bad for us even without the sugar.

I normally target Saturday as a cheat day. (I’m working myself down to a cheat meal, but we have to walk before we can run!) Since next weekend has me flying to New York for my brother’s engagement party, I have to dot my “i’s” and cross my “t’s.”

2. Back to Kung Fu

2 weekends ago I was promoted to the next level in Kung Fu. This week I was accepted into the Mastery program. The first allows me to learn more advanced material. The second offers me the opportunity to attend 4 lessons, for extended periods of time as well as additional optional lessons. I’m really excited to get more into Kung Fu since it has helped me work through my multiple foot injury issues. The extra time will let me get back into sparring – my all-time favorite form of cardio!

Sadly, I’ve been too sick to attend, but I’m ready to give it a go tomorrow!

3. Beyond the Physical Goals

I have been writing about physical goals for a while now and there will be a short change on the horizon. I have many pans in the fryer, so to speak, and it’s time to address them so you can all hold me accountable for them. This weekend will be for making some progress on that end. Specifically the writing goals! (Hint; only one of which is the mighty Notebook Project.

4. Star Trek

Since this is Stellar Path’s turn to host the Weekend Warrior Challenge and he chose Star Trek as a theme, I’ll comply and offer this re-visit of the Star Trek mission statement – bastardized, of course, to fit the Cubicle Warrior / Weekend Warrior mold.

Weekends… the Final Fat-Fighting Frontier. These are the voyages of the Cubicle Warrior. His ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new ways of living and new understandings, to boldly go where no cubicle denizen has gone before.

And I couldn’t resist the only YouTube video with both NASCAR and Star Trek search results:

Enjoy your weekend. Live Long and Prosper.

What are you doing this weekend?

Jim Cramer’s Meltdown

This is a little dated but Jim went ballistic in righteous outrage. This is why I still watch Cramer despite the smear-job of the likes of the Daily Show and others who never made a single red cent investing.

PS Before commentors go off on the Bear Sterns tip, he owned his mistake publicly. Do you own yours?