300 Workout

Remember the movie 300? You know, the one you started feeling uncomfortable watching with your wife because all the guys in it were next to naked and they looked in better shape than you? Much, much better shape? Well, here’s how they did it. A personal trainer came up with a series of exercises – […]

Why Swim 5.5 Miles in Open Water?

In short, I’ve had a cast on a foot every spring for the last 3 springs from playing football. Don’t let anyone tell you flag football is non-contact. Aside from the foot problems, I needed something new to try for a workout. As it turns out, I went for something old. I used to swim […]

How Much Protein in a Diet, Really?

A friend of mine who competes in 24hour long endurance races recently asked me about how much protein he really needed in his diet. This was an interesting question from an interesting man; for example he now does adventure races over the weekends when away from his cubicle job because he learned all the necessary […]

F-Club Office Survival Kit

Pack these items in your cube and you’ll be shielded no matter what cubicledom has in store for you.

Biking to Work

During the fuel crunch last year, ScopeCreep and I were debating ways to make the commute in a different way than our gas guzzling Ford Explorer and Pickup trucks. We hit on bicycling. What would one need to pack to do this? Why Bike to Work? Get in Shape Save $ Help the Environment Issues […]