The Cubicle Warrior Method
1.State a Thesis
Verbalize a Goal. State what you want in words. The thesis should be discrete and actionable with a brief and finite statement of intent along with a time line for accomplishment.

Ex. “I will be under 10% body fat (the want) by the time I reach Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany at the end of September 2009 (the time line) by participating in F-Club. (and briefly, how)”

2. Set a Plan of Actionable Steps.
If you don’t have an actionable plan, you have nothing. This is where you specify the tasks you will take in adherence to the thesis in pursuit of that goal.

Ex. The intent of Cubicle Warrior is to use this site to verbalize my plan and all necessary steps for accomplishing it. I will share my theories, my steps, my successes and my failures via posts and encourage others to do the same.

3. Demand Accountability.

Some things you do just for the sake of doing them. Those things are not goals. Accountability means clear, defined validation criteria for a goal. Where is the end zone? How do you know you got there?

Ex. Accountability for is where you come in. The World Wide Web is my auditor. Read the site, post comments, ask questions, demand accountability.

4. Reward Success.

No engine can run at full-throttle all of the time. We need to step back an enjoy our efforts or else why are we here? F-Club has steaks. For everything else there are Victory Cigars

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