Cubicle Warrior Philosophy

Welcome to Cubicle Warrior! Here’s a little bit more about the governing philosophy of this site.

I took an objective look at my successes and failures and came up with the following: Goals essentially fall into two kinds patterns. (Note: none of this is really revolutionary)

Pattern One: Linear

Better stated, a linear goal is something you want to do or have. A linear goal is one where there is a clear and distinct finishing line. Ex. To visit Paris, to swim 5 miles, buy a Porsche, earn a black belt, compete in a bodybuilding show.

I learned if I follow a certain method of approaching these kind of clear and discrete goals, I succeed. Read more about the Cubicle Warrior method.

Pattern Two: Cyclical

Cyclical goals are things that you want to be. In order to ‘be something’ you have to ‘be it’ all of the time. Good examples are getting in shape, financially secure, etc. While there is a sort of finish line, success usually means being across that line for an indefinite period of time.

How I Attack Cyclical Goals

The pursuit of goals is one thing, the solving of re-occurring issues is another. In order to solve those kind of issues, I like to invoke Cubicle S.E.R.E.

About Cubicle Warrior

Chances are that you are reading this in a cubicle right now. That would be because most of us spend the vast majority of our time working for corporations and that work defines our lives. The website is dedicated to making peace with that neutral-toned fluorescent-lit warehouse of humanity so we can get on with our lives. Learn more about me and what this site is about.