What’s Going on Here?

Hi, my name is Ted Hessing, and it looks like you found my personal site. Thanks for stopping by!

I use this humble place on the web for 3 things;

  1. Practice my crafts (writing, website design, entrepreneurship, abstract philosophy).
  2. Share my stories (successes, failures, and the absurd) & the thought process behind each.
  3. Learning by teaching.

A Little Bit More on That…

My Craft(s)

Cubicle Work:I am an engineer by trade having worked in large-scale, complex financial software development (in a cubicle) for a decade with experiences in aerospace, ocean, civil, and structural engineering. My parents will tell you I started down this path taking apart watches and building tree forts, home-made parachutes, crossbows and other devices prematurely graying their hair.

Website Design: When I am not in a cubicle, I run a website design company called Charlotte Web Development. Cubicle Warrior serves as my test bed for website design and development – namely the cool things I want to build out that don’t have a place on a commercial site. I tend to learn by doing so don’t be surprised if this site looks radically different each time you log in.

While my website design company affords me the opportunity to get deeply involved in other small businesses (which I love dearly) I also run a few other websites along varying business models to varying degrees of effectiveness. Again, my parents will tell you my entrepreneurship bend began at a young age co-opting neighborhood kids to franchise my lemonade and cookie stands, subcontracting

I’ve written stories for as long as I’ve been alive. That doesn’t mean that I am any good at it! I just enjoy it. Occasionally amusing, entertaining, or even poignant prose will escape from me on to paper. It’s sort of hit or miss. What I do know is that ‘writers write’ and this website gives me a blank slate and a willing audience with which to hone that skill. I only get better with feedback – so look for opportunities to leave comments at the bottom of the article posts. Feedback is the breakfast of champions!

Sadly, the world is how it is, not how it should be or how we would have it. I had to formulate my own set of philosophical ideals to deal with it. My friends find these tenets alternately inspiring, interesting, and tragic. I don’t know about any of that. I do know that the more I dig into my own reasoning, the more I learn. So here I dig. I am primarily interested in what is worth doing and why it’s worth doing that to the exclusion of something else.

My Stories

I’m a little bit adventure obsessed. In order for me to be happy I need to be progressing towards some kind of goal. These adventures can take the form of travel (Prague, London, Rome, Madrid, Israel, Mexico, Blacksburg, Oktoberfest to name a few). Or, these adventures can take the form of personal challenges that I’ve set for myself (ex. Natural Bodybuilding show, 5.25 mile open ocean swim, run a profitable business, write a novel.)

Sometimes I get the urge to write something simply for my own amusement (see The Dark Power of Dark Chocolate.) Occasionally I’ll write an article simply so I can test out some kind of web design trick I’m trying to master.

Learning by Teaching

Naturally, absolutely nothing ever goes to plan and hilarity nearly always ensues. By capturing and chronicling these adventures and trying to express the how I did something (or plan on doing something), I learn. It’s amazing the holes you can find in your argument if you try to write it down for public consumption 😉 .

Since my adventures invariable involve people, writing about them serves as nice diary that we can all point to and reminisce about great times. Sometimes this writing is a form of catharsis. Sometimes people want to see how I managed to do what I did – so I write about it in case other people want to do the same thing. Suggestions always welcome.

Comments (4)

Ted I just discovered your site/blog via Art of Nonconformity I believe. I like the mix of personal, adventure, and entrepreneurial posts. Funny you have all the info on your wedding and honeymoon, as I am going through the same process in May (wedding in St. John USVI and honeymoon in Thailand). You just gave me the great idea to keep a blog about our honeymoon and parlay it into a future travel site of sorts. I’m subscribing and looking forward to reading more. Cheers.

Thanks, Hugh!

I’m in the process of taking anything that I find myself emailing or talking to my friends and family about repeatedly and turning it into blog posts. Travel, life events (like weddings), and any answers to ‘How in the world did you do ….’ seem to be the best and most compelling notes that are also shareable. I also like to put data here that I can access in a hurry when I’m travelling. Of course you do walk a fine line between sharing and security!

USVIs and Thailand are both on my bucket lists! I’ll be very interested in hearing about your adventures. Also, any tips you have on how to stay fit while partying for weeks on end would be incredibly interesting, too. Looking over your site I’m sure you’ll have ideas on that!

One thing about travelling; I’ve realized how hard it is to do what Chris @ ANOC does.

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