Somewhere along the line I realized that I use social media to vent too often. Thus, my public record reads as one of discontent. I’m much more cheerful than that! As part of my on-going Scout law project and in the spirit of reviewing the Scout Law of Cheerful, I’ve decided it’s time to change that.

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How does Gratitude affect Cheerfulness?

Everyone has their own personal list of emotional triggers. What makes me happy may not elicit the same response from you. But is there a universal experience that we all share? Is there something that can make you universally cheerful?

I’m not sure, but gratitude seems to be a good candidate for an indicator of cheerfulness. When you recognize a situation with heartfelt gratitude, you are stating that you are glad for the outcome. And you’d be hard pressed to find a cheerful person who isn’t filled with gratitude.

Try this exercise: make a list of things you are grateful for and see if that simple recognition doens’t make you immediately feel happier! If you’d like to try this in a public forum, join me in the #GratefulProject and make 1 post about something you are grateful for everyday for a year. You can see mine on my twitter feed. Alternately you can see everyone tagging their posts with #GratefulProject here.

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