This article continues my Father’s Day theme. I started off with lessons from my dear, old Dad. This one continues with a few more quotes from some well known others.

The Blogosphere is an interesting place filled with interesting people. A while ago I asked a bunch of Internet celebrities about the lessons that they learned from their dads. Most took the time to respond and I’m very thankful they did.

Check out not only the advice that made a mark on them but the people who supplied it as well. Remember, the criteria for my list was being an Internet rock-star who was also approachable. Success + kindness == some awesome people with interesting stories.

A BIG thanks to everyone who helped me out!

John Jantsch – Duct Tape Marketing

John is THE standard in small business marketing and runs his empire from Duct Tape Marketing He’s also a good guy who just released a great book on referrals – I bought two, one for me and one as a prize for my local business group. The tons of advice he dispenses daily is applicable both in the small business world as well as the corporate one.

Advice from John’s Dad

Whenever some conflict over something that was not done right would come up he would always say: “Fix the problem, not the blame.”

Great advice. That’s how all doers think. John is definitely a “doer.” If you wish your small business could be doing more, check out his site.

Brendon Sinclair – Tailored Web Design

Brendon literally wrote the book on how to run a web development business– something I do to supplement my cubicle income. His book is great no matter your business. Learning from him was worth 10 times what you’d find in a typical MBA and is roughly $100,000 cheaper. Somehow he manages to run a great business, teach others, and do crazy things like triathlons and bike across Australia.

Advice from Brendon’s Dad

Always eat at a full table because you never know how long your luck’s going to last!

This advice screams take advantage of all the opportunities you’re given. Brendon and company definitely do that over at Tailored. One thing you could do is drop by and have a look.

Rick Ingersoll- Frugal Travel Guy

Rick is the primary reason the wife and I will be doing a lot of free flying in the near future. Over at his site he details great ways to earn frequent flyer miles. Not only does he share every tip in the book, he practices what he preaches flying all over the world all of the time.

Advice from Rick’s Dad

Always do the next right thing.

To me this means to go above and beyond with the way you help people. Rick’s doing that and more by sharing his wealth of knowledge and encouraging other people to be better humans by way of providing a great example.

Chris Guillebeau – The Art of Non-Conformity

Chris has the most compelling story on the Internet. He’s roughly my age – 31 – and he’s on a mission to see every country in the world before he’s 35. That’s cool. The way he’s financing it may be even cooler. He’s a consummate entrepreneur claiming to never have had a “real job.” Don’t let him fool you into thinking he never works. The guy launches product after product, writes more than Hemingway, and has a book coming out this fall (complete with plans to do a 50 state book tour to promote it.)

The reason you end up reading and then re-reading Chris is that he’s an incredible achiever and seems impervious to negativity. The only downside to reading him is the hit your work ethic’s ego takes. This guy does a lot!

Advice from Chris’s Dad

My Dad taught me to think for myself and not take no for an answer. These lessons influenced my entire worldview, and whatever success I have now comes from his modeling that to me.

No doubt that Chris is successfully charting his own path.

Yaro Starak – Entrepreneur’s Journey

A lot of people want to make money doing what they love. A lot of people will sell you information on how to learn to do what you love. Yaro’s a guy who has done the former and manages to do the latter in a non-scammy, effective way. If you’re into blogging, you’ve likely gone to his site to learn from the best.  If not, what are you waiting for?

Advice from Yaro’s Dad

Don’t assume the cheapest is the best. Sometimes paying more for something of higher quality is a good idea rather than saving money just for the sake of saving money.

This led me to later realize that time is of more value than money, and although you might save money buying the cheapest option, often the time lost due to poor quality, costs you more.

Hanging on the wall of my cube is a comic that helps keep me centered. Yaro’s quote reminds me of it. It’s of a business man, late to a meeting, walking past a grave yard looking at his watch thinking ‘Time = Money.’ The grave boasts an etching “time > money.”

So what about you? What’s do you think about the advice they shared? Could you apply it?

Have any advice you’d like to share. Let us know in the comments below!

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