Time for another Friday Video. I’m between two wedding weekends. Last weekend was a quick jump up to NY for my brother’s engagement party. This weekend I leave a day early for a cousin-in-law’s (is that even a word?) wedding in Maryland. In between it all is the World Cup. And the theme of this weekend’s videos.

What I love about the World Cup – and indeed any mass market sport is the simple beauty of it. Athletic competition, even if you don’t particularly care for the sport is a wonderful abstraction of the best of the human condition. No one on any of these teams is on them for anything but their skill. It doesn’t matter who their parents are, how much anybody likes them, what they believe in or who they date. All that matters is that they can play ball at the highest level. There’s a true simple beauty in that.

It’s Not About

Top 10 skills

Soccer can be a subtle sport some times. Sure the goals and collisions get the Top Play billings on ESPN. Here’s a great clip of some of the best displays of skill from the last Cup.

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