This morning Chris G asked his Facebook cohort “What is the most important thing you’ll do this week.” I was at a loss. What is the most important thing I’m doing this week? Is anything I am doing really that important? Shouldn’t there be? Is the fact that I cannot answer this question in a split second indicative of a larger underlying problem?

No. I don’t think so. But it serves as a great reminder if I am working on something worthwhile.

‘Everything happens for a reason’ / Is no reason not to ask myself / If I’m living it right?
John Mayer, “Why, Georgia Why?”

I have a calendar in my cube. Actually, I have several. One is a simple grid listing scheduled vacations, paydays, and holidays (helps me schedule my Out of Office time). The second is a 1,000 Places to See Before You Die Calendar where I put an ‘x’ through everyday that I stick to my workout and training goals. It also serves as inspiration and fuel for my cubicle day dreams. The last one is another simple grid calendar that I use to check off the days I have a post scheduled to come out on this blog so I don’t keep you hanging.

As an example, let’s take a look at this week:

Calendar 1 – The Event Calendar.

WooHoo! I like this calendar because it shows me that 1) I get a third paycheck this month (due to my budgeting system this will be wholy invested) and 2) Memorial Day is this week. In Charlotte taht means Speed Street invaded downtown as do all of the activities. I have a mountain hike Friday night, a 1 mile swim race scheduled for early Saturday morning, and the race on Sunday night. Throw in next Monday off to recover and celebrate Memorial Day and I’m a happy guy!

Calendar 2 – The Fitness Calendar.

The week is still in it’s infancy so there’s not a lot of marks on it yet. Yesterday (Sunday) has a mark for completing my fitness goals because I kayaked for 2 hours. It is missing a mark for my diet because I had a beer afterwards and didn’t stick to my 5 meals a day plan. Today is pretty early but I look on track for both the diet and a work out with kung fu class tonight.

Calendar 3 – The Writing Calendar.

Once this post goes live I have to finish up articles for this Wednesday and Friday. I can see that my backlog of reserve posts has gotten low so I need to build up the reserve there. I have two guest posts currently submitted to other blog authors and a third that I need to write up asap!

My Most Important Thing To Do This Week

So, looking at my calendar, it’s obvious to me what my most important thing to do this week is [ *Other than being a good husband 😉 ]. It’s what Josh and Dan would call ‘The Only Goal that Matters.‘ And that’s sticking to my original goals.

Sometimes making the right choices are not big, flashy things. Sometimes it’s just staying the course.

What is the most important thing you’ll do this week?

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