Here’s the next chapter of my Notebook project. It’s campy, I know, but I’m trying to establish a habit of writing about more current events as they happen. Not to worry, more entertaining and useful meditative pieces on the way.

Until then, here’s my recap on Savannah.

We spent this past weekend in beautiful, history Savannah, Georgia. The occasion was Jen’s birthday weekend but I don’t know what took us so long to go. For years we have been hearing about what a great place this is – especially during St Patty’s day. Turns out it’s pretty awesome all year round.

Our time was short so we decided early on to put as much as possible into the trip. That meant contorting some of the logistics, making several lists, and checking them all twice. Wee went with the flow and had a great time on our Bourdain-esque eating drinking, nonstop partying tour of the place. We got some great advice from Howie (a friend of Frugal Travel Guy – my source for frequent flier info), Samantha Brown’s travel channel episode (Jen’s trip!), and Yelp.


After the Rio fiasco we splurged on a nice hotel. Lovingly restored Revolutionary war period beds-and-breakfasts abounded but we wanted a sure thing. A reservation in centrally located Hyatt did the trick. Nice place! Of course I later found that booking through their website instead of Orbitz would have helped me out considerably in my quest for free travel. We heard good things about Hilton DeSoto, the Westin on Hutchinson Island, and the Four Points Historic District.

Our drive was just under 4 hours from Charlotte – not bad on a Friday evening. Birthday girl got to choose the tunes but I was so looking forward to getting out of town it didn’t even bother me that much!

Rain was called for but the weather Gods appeased making the rain coats, jackets and sweaters we brought wholly unnecessary.


Until I can post my iPhone photos, here’s a shot. I didn’t care for the song but it gives you a great visual of an incredible pretty city.

Cubicle Warrior Guide to Savannah

You know you’re going to a great city when every time you mention your trip people tell you another 8 places to go. As a result, we opted for Tapas-style food/drink crawl. Here are my favorites.

Food & Drink

Churchill’s – How can you go wrong with a pub named for the century’s most brilliant statesman? Great bar, great drinks great food. Service was a little slow but the diversity of ages on the outdoor, open air rooftop terrace made up for it. I spent my entire Shazam iPhone app allowance trying to identify good music I hadn’t heard before!

Moon River Brewing company – Bad service, great food. The waiter actually prevented us from ordering one of the appetizers stating that 95% of the people trying it hate it. Well, this being the first Saturday of May, they offered the obligatory Mint Julep’s for a $1 a piece. And yes, you get exactly what you pay for with a $1 drink. stick to their beer!

Old Pink House – Phenomenally tasty food for an upscale dinner. Next time I go, I’m coming hungry!

Leopold’s Ice cream – Really, damn good ice cream. Especially nice on a warm day when you’ve been exploring and are starting to sweat alcohol.

Tubby’s – Sure it is loud, busy, and has crappy food. It still serves drinks and overlooks the river and the stage from an elevated position. Great for watching clog dancers! (see below)

Chart House – Seriously. Good. Seafood. I don’t know what else to say. I loved this place.

Goosefeathers – Tasty breakfast. A sit-in experience flush with the warm and inviting smells from their bakery. Coffee leaves a little to be desired but the food more than makes up for it.

J Christopher’s – This was the best breakfast I think I’ve ever had. We had a little wait but the crab cake benedict absolutely made it worth it.

Irish Bar on Bay street – For some reason the name escapes me (.. wonder why!) I really enjoyed this place and the live music. Irish drinking songs are a top way to finish out a long day!

Stuff to do

I was happy just walking and eating around but having a few set activities really helped set the scene.

Savannah Dan’s walking tour – The guy is a huge ex-cop who knows history and delivers it with amusing anecdotes complete with southern manners. Best part of the trip was joking back and forth with him. If you want a sense of Savannah, this is the dude to go to.

Tybee Island – There was no way we could get that close to the mighty Atlantic and NOT visit it! Water was warm enough to swim… should have brought a bathing suit! Next time!

The best part

The best part of Savannah is that we didn’t even scratch the surface of things on our list. We easily have enough to return to and do for several more trips. That’s the mark of a great place.

Have you been to Savannah? What do you like to do?

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