Sadly, I can’t cover everything I would like to in this blog. But luckily, I don’t have to! There are tons of people writing great stuff out there that can help you Survive, Endure, Resist, and Escape your Cube!

Here’s some of the best that I found this week:

  • Work as Obsession– Ali 1) is a great says-she’s-aspiring-but-really-already-is-a writer who guest posts on everything I read. Is she obsessive? Are you? Should either of you be?
  • 5 Steps to Manage Your Finances– For Career-Limiting-Move reasons, I have a self-imposed block on writing about personal finance. There’s good advice here, even if the US audience will have to translate from English to American.
  • How to be a Creative Thinker Without Losing Your Mind– Creative types are often on the brink of sanity. Goodlife Zen keeps us sane.
  • Secret Weapon to Overcoming Bad Habits– Josh’s blog ranks again in my 2nd week of favorite articles again with a guest post. If his guest posts are that good, you might want to check out his entire site.
  • Follow Changes to Any Website– I use Google reader to follow updates on all of my favorite sites. You should, too. Add to your Reader feed now! (Adding the other sites linked to above is also recommended. 😉

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Look out for more guest posts coming to blogs near you soon… 😉

Yeah, you’re right, I am already a writer. I’m just always aspiring towards bigger and better things, particularly publication…

And thanks for the link!

You’re very welcome, Ali. You write good stuff!

Don’t forget to update your RSS subscribers when you’re guest posting all over. If the place you’re writing on is good enough for you to spend your time on, the rest of us should probaly check it out, too.

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