Looking for some graet office pranks for April Fool’s Day? Here’s a video collection of some classics to get your evil, vindictive and creative juices flowing.

If you spend roughly 1/3rd of your waking hours in a cubicle, here’s hoping it is with people who have a sense of humor!

Have you been witness to any classic cubicle pranks? Share below in the comments!

In Increasing Harmful Order

The first few amusing, the last few sociopathic. Let’s hope you don’t go that far.

The Lotto Prank

Well done! You probably want headphones when listening to this.

This is why a steady demeanor in both wins and losses is good for your career (and financial health)!

When Engineers Get Bored

And, last but not least, one for my fellow techies!

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Great videos. The only office joke I had played on me for April fools was back in the day when you had the older phones. My office manager took the talking part out of the phone. I could hear someone, but they couldn’t hear me talk. It took me a while and a few phone calls before I figured out what was going on.


Funny, Debbie! Did you get back at them?

My office is pretty strict, so I don’t see many. One of the best that I saw was when an admin left her computer unattended and unlocked – a big no-no in my company. Someone (not me) wrote an email to the entire local campus – some 4000 people – advertising free kittens for adoption.

She was fielding calls and emails all week.


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