Want to get promoted? I’ve just started reading MASH: a Novel About  Three Army Doctors – you know, the paperback that started the wildly popular MASH television show? There is some excellent job advice in here:

“This Blake must have a problem or he wouldn’t be sending for help. Maybe we’re that help.”

“Right,” the Duke said.

“So my idea,” Hawkeye said, “is that we work like hell when there’s work to do and try to outclass the other talent.”

“Right,” the Duke said.

“This,” Hawkeye said, “will give us enough leverage to write our own tickets the rest of the way.”

Get Promoted, MASH Style

  1. Locate a problem your boss has.
  2. Fix that problem.
  3. Out work the other guy.
  4. Make sure they know it was you.

Doesn’t sound like bad advice at all to me. What advice would you give to someone looking for a promotion?

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I loved that movie. Need to read the book. There are all kinds of pearls of wisdom in the movie. In the movie, as in real life, their superiors had their own agenda and rules but that didn’t get in the way of them doing the job and having fun with it. Usually at the expense of a do gooder co-worker.

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