Sadly, I can’t cover everything I would like to in this blog. But luckily, I don’t have to! There are tons of people writing great stuff out there that can help you Survive, Endure, Resist, and Escape your Cube!

Here’s some of the best that I found this week:

  • Your Dreams are Not Enough– Want to be more than just another dreamer? Check out this guest post on World’s Strongest Librarian. Then check out the rest of Josh’s blog for enough inspiration to last a lifetime.
  • Free Flights Without Frequent Flier Miles– Travelling to Germany for Oktoberfest for free was amazing. Check out this guide for some other ways to do it.
  • Get Fit Slowly: Fitness Secrets– When I first discovered this blog, I had a philosophic difference with Mac. I thought he was nuts. Then I realized that his goals were not the same as mine. AND THEN I realized that our beliefs on fitness overlapped 99%. This is my way of karmic attonement.
  • Prostate Cancer Diagnosis– After spending the fall helping Dad through his prostate cancer surgery, this topic has been on my mind.
  • Google Reader Mobile features– I want to leave this week on a more positive note than the previous prostate cancer tip. Check out how Google is updating Cubicle Warrior’s favorite ‘boss button’ for use on the go.

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