Welcome to my Map Project. Sometimes when I’m bored I update the map with my travels. Places I’ve been for an appreciable amount of time (as defined by enough to have a real and *remembered memory) go on the board.

It serves many purposes:

  • A reminder of how fortunate I am.
  • A condensed Notebook Project.
  • Visual reinforcement. Working hard = me playing hard. And vice versa.
  • Offers suggestions of where to go next.
  • Reminds me how big the world really is.
  • Helps me remember Why I Travel

Some places I get to chose to go to. Other places get chosen for me. Where have you been? Where do you want to go? How do you keep track?

View My Travels in a larger map
*Note: There are such things as unreal memories and forgotten memories. Trust me.

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I should write a post “10 reasons I do not want to be a Jedi.”

You could be a Jedi. You could have people telling you how special and unique you are. Then you could go grazy and slaughter a school filled with children after a simple misunderstanding.

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