Hate your stinking dead-end job? Feel like nobody listens to you, the office is full of idiots, your friends suck and you’re wasting your life every day? It all boils down to Consent of the Victim.

It’s tax season and people have finances on their mind. This is an easy trigger coming just a few short months off of Christmas Presents, Annual Raises, and Holiday Bonuses. Or the lack thereof. No one ever said the world was fair. Or that it was just. Or that everything will even out in the end. But just perhaps these dissatisfying cubicle situations are more fair than we think. Maybe you can be an active participant in your own rescue.

What is Consent of the Victim?

The term is one with awful connotations and, for those familiar with it, the term can bring an emotional response. In no way am I speaking of criminal law, or precedent, or anything remotely to do with any of that. Here I mean it use the philosophy of law definition as a prism to view our own personal discontent:

Help Me Out With this, New Jersey

(T)he victim’s voluntary and serious agreement or submission to the alleged criminal conduct or the result of that conduct. Definition from New Jersey State Judiciary.

They further elaborate so:

(C)onsent may be openly expressed, implied, or apparent from the victim’s willing participation in the activity in question.

In other words; if you are a consenting victim, you asked for it. And you’re complaining about something you brought on yourself.

Breaking the Corporate Victim’s Mentality.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.
Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Here, Cassius is trying to convince Brutus that Caesar is NOT A GOD. He has no dominion over him other than that which Brutus ascribes. Were they not both born free men under Roman law?

What about you? Were you not born free? Do you think that what troubles you is some sort of cruel twist of fate or Providence? Have you no recourse to change your circumstances? Must you play the role of a victim or can you state: ‘By natural law, I was born free. I deserve better. And I will now refuse to consent to making myself miserable?”

It’s Not Limited to Your Office!

This lesson applies to the rest of your life. Overweight but that’s really your parent’s fault? Tired of the dog peeing on your rug? Not have a date for Friday night because all members of the opposite sex are evil? Feel like your life is a joke and you’re just not making a difference because no one will let you?

Chances are there is less fault in their actions than there is in your refusal to accept responsibility for your own actions.

Pissed Off Right Now?

Great! That’s mean’s I touched a nerve. Now do something about it. Make whatever is troubling you your next Big Rock project.

Don’t be a cynic. Don’t complain about work. If you aren’t happy with your compensation, ask for a raise or find a new job. If you don’t like your boss or your coworkers, find a new ones. If you don’t feel like you are being valued properly, go find other people who do. If you don’t like your job, create forward motion.

Be resilient.

There is no law written that a sacrificial cubicle sheep has to play the part assigned. You have it within your own power to change your own circumstances. All that remains if for you to go do it.

Have you made the change from corporate victim to something else? Tell us below.

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Working in a number of organisations these individuals are people I ome across all too often.

Too many people blame everyone else rather than be part of the solution.

Nice post, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the comment, Matt. A quick note to everyone else, Matt’s Big Red Tomato company is about to launch a new site of post-real estate boom property investing. Might be a good weapon for cubicle warriors to have in your collective arsenals.

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