Last Oktoberfest, Joel and I left early for a castle tour in the Alps. My brother, who had been laid off and subsequently started 3 software development companies (yes, 3 !@#$ing companies!) decided to sleep in and hang out around Munich. He had programming to do.

Once we returned I met up with him at a bier hall. I asked how his day went. ‘Very well,’ he replied. ‘I spent 4 hours programming an iPhone app on my Mac in a biergarten. That paid for this entire trip.

Considering we flew from the states to Germany for at the world’s largest (and damn expensive) drinking fest staying well over a week in an over-priced hotel room, that was quite a feat. It got myself and a few of my other friends thinking.

One friend wants to move to Europe for family reasons but wants to duplicate my brother’s feat ahead of time so he has some reliable job prospects. He asked me how he should go about getting started.

I began with the math.

(Note; he didn’t provide me with the numbers so I just made them up as I went along. Feel free to change as yu see fit.)

Step 1: Calculate Your Desired Annual Income

For examples sake, let’s say it’s $50,000 USD.

After a factor of saftey, we’ll round this to = ~$5k per month.

Step 2: Calculate the monthly need

There are 2 ways to do this:

The passive earning approach

Def. Making $ while you sleep and do nothing but sit in biergartens

Assume 30 days / month

$166.66 / day
30 / 5000

Biergarten Work-a-day approach

Assume 20 working days per month so you can have weekends off.

$250 / day
20 / 5000

Step 3: Figure out how to Make $250 / day

Well, you’re kind of on your own here! I do not have an example for you. But I do have a plan of attack. The model looks similar. See if you can guess the pattern:

  1. Figure out how to earn and extra $250 / month.
  2. Figure out how to earn $250 4 times each month.
  3. Figure out how to do that 5 more times.

What can you do to maker your dreams come true? What are you doing today?

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Well, you need the skills for that sort of stuff, right? But it doesn’t seem like a bad trade, does it? Work a little, tour a little. Rinse, wash, repeat.

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