Why do you guys love Jimmy Buffet so much?

Here’s a chance to convert me.

I’m not anti-Jimmy. I just don’t get the fuss.

Sure, margaritaville is a nice song to relax to on vacation. Cheeseburger in paradise is amusing. But who cares about gimmicky vacation song writing? Listening to either of those songs more than once a year gets really old really quickly.

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Maybe, you have been perplexed by the ultimate cubicle warrior of them all. Behold the community of parrot heads. It’s all about changes in latitude that cause changes in attitude. Lets say you work in an innocuous building performing the same mundane tasks over and over; it is the middle of winter and the only thing you have to look forward to is a little slice of Caribbean heaven. You have these wonderful feelings, fantasies or memories that keep you sane in the dreary cold concrete life that you live. Along comes a guy who captures the mood and attitude of the tropical laidback lifestyle in a few catchy tunes. The songs provide a common bond for those who have experienced or desire to experience the sun drenched, rum fortified, sexually stimulating and fun filled life for a week or two and their prophet is Jimmy.

Why not flip the two extremes?

Why not live in paradise full time? Why not work at something you love? Why sacrifice your life and soul to the cubicle God, if that doesn’t make you happy?

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