Tired of not making progress in your fitness goals? Me too. Luckily I know the way out. It’s a 4 part equation covering and it works for everyone I know who has tried it. Give the following steps a try. There are a lot of diets and workout plans out there. Some work, some don’t. Some are for you some are not. This works for everyone. What do you have to lose – besides fat?

Step 1. Follow the 50-20-30 diet.

That is, follow the steps of the 50-20-30 diet as laid out here. Figure out what you should be eating spread out over the course of 6 meals through out the day and don’t eat anything else.

Step 2. Pick a Workout

There are 100s out there. Find one that interests you and stick with it!

Step 3. Make a Checklist

Consistency with your diet and workouts are the key to changing body composition. It is easy to convince yourself that you always do the right thing, that you always make the right choice. Sadly, that’s not always the case. I know that I have been unpleasantly surprised when the time came for me to weigh in at F-club more than a few times. Using the checklist I know exactly how faithful I have been to my diet and exercise plans.

Step 4. Validate Your Progress

with Measurements and Social Accountability

Step 5. Reward yourself

While consistency is key, a strict diet and workout regiment can be very difficult for people to stick with. Schedule a cheat meal once a week or a cheat day once a month. Promise to buy a new suit, dress, (tank top?) once you reach a certain milestone. That will mitigate your risk of falling off the wagon and maximize your success.

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