What a great Labor Day weekend. I got to adventure around New England, see some friends, make some new ones, and learn some new skills. You can’t ask for more than that. I’ll write that post up for next Monday’s goals check up.

Friday saw the end to another rough Cubicle Week, the sentiments which you can see are baked into next Week’s post entitled Revenge. I penned that article on my new Toshiba Mini Netbook making the most of my 2 hour flight to Portland, ME (and keeping up with my writing goal.)

Portland, Maine is, well, I have no idea what it’s like. I landed at 8:30 pm in darkness to an empty but nice airport. We checked luggage without fee because of USAir’s promotional Silver Preferred Status. That same status promotion earned us double miles AND scored us <b>free First Class</b> upgrades, too. Really, the most useful part was being able to roll down the priority lanes at Charlotte Douglass International thus avoiding the long holiday weekend travel lanes and get straight to security. That rocks. It’s now my preferred way to travel.

Another great thing was that we got a free upgrade on our rental car AND a ton of bonus miles for reserving through USAir. The Pontiac G6 wasn’t James Bond’s Aston Martin, but it sure wasn’t the tiny backpack on wheels that I rented in Israel / Palestine, either. Free is good.

The oyster pictured here will be described in Monday’s New England trip recap but I do prefer oysters to any other kind of wedding food. They are now the preferred shellfish of Cubicle Warrior. The intention behind this article is to remind everyone to go sign up for USAir dividend miles and then to go sign up for the preferred promotion. You may have to do this over the phone. It really makes sense if you are travelling on USAir or any of their Star Alliance partners like Lufthansa. Who knows, you might score free international first class. That would be sweet! If you are on Delta, American or another carrier, I’d still suggest signing up for the USAir promotion because you could likely request a status match with those carriers, too. I may try that myself. Let me know how it works for you in the comments below.

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