Stop me if you’ve heard this one. The grasshopper partied all summer while the squirrel collected acorns and stowed them away. The grasshopper thought the squirrel was crazy and asked him to join in enjoying the bright, warm days. The squirrel refused and continued making his winter preparations. You can probably guess what happened. The grasshopper died via starvation and exposure.

Labor day reminds me of that parable of the grasshopper and the squirrel. It is a day to celebrate the preparations you made, the successes your earned, and trophies won.

To that end, I’ve started collecting some acorns early. I wrote this post the Thursday before Labor day on a brand spanking new Samsung Netbook. My plan is to charge it up while I type this tonight and bring it on the road this weekend. It’s small enough to fit on the airplane tray table and should help me catch up on all the writing I have to do. This should help the Cubicle Warrior website goal.

My progress on my fitness goals is more interesting. Typically, I take my foot off the pedal when I am approaching vacation by skipping gym days and abandoning any semblence of diet. This trip is different, I have been going to the gym religiously and will try to again Friday before take off. We’ll see how that goes. I need to keep on a schedule here with trips to Blacksburg and Germany looming.

Speaking of travel, that goal is coming along wonderfully. I have a great weekend all set to places I’ve never been before. The tail end of the vacation is a little unclear but when I return with a post next Wednesday, I’ll tell you all about how I secured a first class upgrade for free days before ever even checking in for the flight.

Finally, the Website Design Business goal continues to go well with several meetings schedule for the week after Labor Day.

Enjoy your Labor Day, I’m sure you’ve earned it. Just remember to protect your nuts… I mean acorns.

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