I finished reading Walking the Bible. It was an amazing account of a man getting (back) in touch with his religion by visiting the real-world geographical locations of the Hebrew Bible – the first 5 chapters of the Christian Bible. Starting in Turkey where Noah’s ark is thought to have landed, he traces a route south through Israel, out to Egypt, across the Sinai and Negev, into Jordan and back to Jerusalem.

I have already completed a similar journey through out Israel and Palestine tracing what I believe to be the major sites in the life and times of the historical Jesus. It was amazing. If there is any kind of a demand, I will write about those experiences later.

What this book- once reconciled with my own Israel trip – brought to life was a desire to have an Epic journey out of Egypt like Moses did. Here’s my thoughts on how I could do it in 2 weeks. What do you think?


Part 1 – Cairo, Egypt -(land of the Pharaohs, Jacob, Joseph and Israel during the famine)
-Day 1: Land in Cairo. Acclimate. (Assumes a Day 0 night flight.) Will land shortly afternoon.

-Day 2: Hanging Church (built by the Nile River over the Roman Gate of Babylon.) Acclimate some more.

-Day 3: Day trip to Alexandria.

-Day 4: Day trip to Memphis (aka legendary city of Menes, the King who united Upper and Lower Egypt.)
From a Biblical perspective, Memphis is most likely where Abraham lied to Pharaoh about his wife Sarah being his sister and where Joseph served as second in command.

Part 2 – Nile (Head north to Luxor and cruise back on the Nile to Cairo.
(Floating like baby Moses, except no reeds.)

-Day 5: -Leave Cairo (via route taken by Abraham, Joseph, Moses and the family of Jesus… Debate rail vs air. Trip is 420 miles. Rail is $17 but 10 hours – only 9 hours if we leave at 10pm and go sleeper class!)

-Visit the Valley of the Kings (where many ancient pharaohs were buried) and the Temple of Hatshepsut, the princess who pulled baby Moses out of the Nile River.

Evening tour of Temple of Luxor, which was founded in the reign of Amenhotep III, grandson of the pharaoh of the Exodus.

-Overnight hotel in Luxor.

-Day 6: Karnak
-Temple of Karnak (temple of the New Kingdom period) and the East Bank of the Nile. It was during this period that the bondage and Exodus occurred.
-Overnight train ride back to Cairo.

Day 7: Back to Cairo (1000+ years before Abraham.)
-Pyramids, Sphinx, King Tut.

Part 3 – Sinai

Day 8: Mt. Sinai (Sight of burning bush. )
-Travel the southward route of the Exodus through the Wilderness of Shur.
-Arriving in the late afternoon at Mt. Sinai (Mt. Horeb).
-Sleep at St. Catherine’s Monastery.

Day 9: Wake up #@$ing early !!!
-Climb before dawn to the top of Mt Sinai (Dress warmly!!)
-Take bus to the Red Sea.
-A view of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel to the north. Imagine Moses parting of the sea.
-Take ferry to Jordan -> Aqaba (Biblical Ezion Geber) – Solomon’s seaport.

Part 4 – Jordan

Day 10: Petra
-Mountain fortress of Petra (Edomites – the descendents of Esau.)
-Freaking amazing. You have to see the pictures to understand it.
-Stop at the spring claimed to be the place where Moses struck the rock.
-Overnight in Petra to see it @ dark. Hotel in Petra.

Day 11: Petra to Amman, Jordan
-Try to see Fortress of Machaerus, the place where John the Baptist was beheaded on the way back.
-Check in and see Roman Amphitheater, Citadel, Jordan Archaeological Museum

Day 12: Day trip to Mt Nebo, the tomb of Moses.
-Spectacular view across the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea.

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