Being on the road traveling for work can be great for your career but it will suck the life out of your workouts if you let it. Take measures against falling out of shape while you’re out of town with these steps.

Make a Plan to Stay in Shape.

-Commit to 1 or 2 workouts per day.

Sounds simple but making a promise to yourself is the first step to keeping in shape. You’re far less likely to break a promise to yourself than follow through on a nebulous

Everywhere is a gym

Take advantage of any gym available. If there is no gym, make the world your gym. In his Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding Arnold talks about running stairs and doing countless push ups and sit ups. Parcour or free-running turns any urban environment into a world-class obstacle course. You could even bring a set of work out cords with you as they easily fit into any suitcase. You can download any number of workouts to your computer or iPod/iPhone.

Keep on Track With Your Checklist

Staying accountable by following a checklist geared to your plans is a great way to keep your routine while on the road.

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