Summer saw a slow down in my travel schedule. Most of my weekends revolved around long distance swim training and warm up races as I was in full training mode for the 5.25 mile swim. These warm days were made for beaches and I did my part travelling to New York twice; once for fun and once for the Cross Bay Swim. I do miss having the ocean a 20 minute drive away but the lake and my kayak are good substitutes. Mix in a trip that included relaxing with my uncle and sucking down cocktails at a Maryland yacht club with a great DC wedding complete with an appearance by the HOKIE bird and the summer is complete.

Boston, Maine & New Hampshire

Heading to Maine for a friend’s wedding. I haven’t been up that way since taming the mighty Allagash a couple of times on deep wilderness backpacking & canoeing trips. There is some pretty country up there and I’m looking forward to cooler, less humid climes (and hopefully a lobster or two!) My Labor Day weekend flight will take me from Charlotte to Portland, ME where I’ll commandeer a rental car and try to find his recommended B&B. The wedding will be a great time, I’m sure. After that shindig I drive off for Lake Winnipesaukee of ‘What About Bob’ fame for some lake time with friends. The return trip has us driving to Boston for a flight out of Logan airport. Have long weekend and rental car, will travel. Remind me to bring my portable GPS…

Blacksburg – Part 1

September 11th sees me back in Blacksburg for the first home game of the season. “We are….. going to beat Marshall!” God, I love this town. Making the weekend even sweeter is that my college roommate of (mostly) 5 years will be flying in from Spain to bring his wife to her very first VT game. Bunches of other terribly interesting friends will be out there reuniting. I love the smell of tailgating in the morning!

I have an interesting opportunity to extend my stay in that most magical of all college towns for a few more days but I’ll speak more to that if / when it happens.


5 short days (or will it be 2 shorter days?) later and I’m on a jet plan headed across the pond landing in Frankfurt. This is a sweet trip made even sweeter with my frequent flyer miles free ticket! I’m over the fact that I spent double the miles I could have and am looking for some fun. This trip is divided into 2 parts.

Rhineland – Week 1

I land in Frankfurt and head immediately to the medieval city of Rothenberg. A few days of exploring there and I’m out headed to Heidelberg. Some people say that town’s too tourist-y due to the exchange schools but my friends on the ground – including a world travelling theatre teacher who takes AMAZING photos – tells me it’s pretty cool. So I’m going. Travel books be damned. I leave the next day to establish my base in Bacharach on the shores of the Rhine. Here I’ll explore, cruise, and sample all the best from Western Germany. I can already imagine watching the castles slip by as I sample cool Rieslings from atop a river cruise boat.

Bavaria – Week 2

After multiple day trips on the Rhineland, I’m off for Munich via train from Frankfurt. There I’ll meet up with a host of friends for Oktoberfest. This will be more than some base Euro-version of Spring Break. Side trips to Zugspitze – Germany’s highest peak on the Austrian border, an adventure to the brewing monks of Augsburg, and a tour of the fantasy castle Neuswachstien all feature prominently. Of course, there will still be time for plenty of shenanigans on the Marianplatz and in the Hofbrauhaus.

Cap the week off with a solo return to Frankfurt and I’m back in the states… for a while at least.

Blacksburg – Part 2

The final trip of the early fall season will be the Perfect Storm of college football, tailgating, and holiday. October 29th, VT takes on UNC in an in-divsion, 7:45 kickoff, Thursday night nationally-televised match. The best part is that even after a Thursday night game in Blacksburg (seriously nothing like it in the entire sporting universe), there is still Friday and Saturday complete with collegiate Halloween craziness to enjoy. Friends that are normally scattered around nation, if not world, will be flying in for this one. Oktoberfest should prepare me well!

As of this point I have no idea where I’ll be for Thanksgiving or the Christmas / New Year’s holidays. February takes me south to the Mayan Riviera again before I head out to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the insanity that is Carnaval! That will make for 5 countries inside of 5 months and I’m sure I could use the rest. Plus you never know what will come up.

Any travel plans on the horizon for you?

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