Between endlessly pointless meetings and soul-sapping assignments, seeing the downside of the cubicle farm is easy. You want out. You want out now. Understandingly so. But don’t be hasty and leave without taking advantage of everything that is available to you before you jump ship.

In the right light, study becomes insight
But the system that dissed us
Teaches us to read and right
-Rage Against The Machine

  • On-the job training.
  • Conflict resolution skills.
  • Technical training
  • Education / Certifications
  • Matching charitable contributions
  • Contacts
  • Office Supplies
  • Thousands of Air miles and hotel points
  • Partners
  • Prospects
  • Drinking buddies
  • Extracurricular teammates
  • Workout buddies
  • Hobby SMEs
  • Fitness classes / gyms
  • Corporate Discounts
  • Networking
  • On-site benefits
  • sub-contractors

What other free benefits, essential skills, or related perks can you take advantage of before leaving the company? Can any of those get you closer to you Magic Number?

What are some of the free things that you are enjoying now courtesy of the cube?

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