Blake is an ex-reality show guy (but don’t hold that against him) who went on a vacation in Argentina and learned of a pressing need; shoes for kids. He invented a company with a 1 for 1 thesis. That means that for every shoe that he sells, 1 shoe gets donated. This business model is incredibly unsuccessful by conventional profit and loss models. But he gets by, makes enough to cover his needs, pays a staff, and gets a shit load of shoes to kids who need it.

Why are shoes so important?

Imagine you were walking barefoot through Argentina all day, every day. Imagine you were walking barefoot anywhere. What kind of diseases, hookworms, etc do you think you’d contract? What if you sliced a foot? Medicine is easy to come by in the States, no so everywhere. How hard do you think it is to study when you’re foot needs to be amputated? If you can’t study, if you can’t work, you will never get out of poverty. Shoes help.

Not bad for a life’s work. Tom’s is How are you changing the world?

Tom’s is short for Tomorrow. What are you doing that makes for a better tomorrow?

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