The Voices in My Head

This Cubicle Warrior’s done a lot. I’ve competed in natural bodybuilding contests, climbed corporate ladders, created companies, traveled the world and have been published all over. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a ton left to do. (Write a few books, swim 5.5. miles, earn a black belt, etc, etc, etc) Some people have asked what drives me.

This is what drives me.

The Voices in My Head.

I used to have the most intense training partners on the planet. Let’s call them MarineCorps, Orangello, Large Mammal, Bull, and Long Ears. Whenever I work out I hear them pushing me, goading me, taunting me. It makes me want to destroy them. In turn, I push myself to huge limits.

It’s the same in business. When I am in the cube I hear my successful friends pushing me. When I am at home working on side projects, they keep me going. One more report, one more client, one more win.

The following is a commercial for Lady Footlocker. And this is what the inside of my head sounds like. What’s rattling around in your head?


  1. avatar DevilDog says:

    So you’re saying the video proves that you have a woman inside of you dying to get out?

  2. avatar Cubicle Warrior says:

    Yep, that’s about it.

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