One way for a cubicle warrior to endure the corporate jungle is to keep things in perspective. I know I spend a lot of time bitching and moaning about my cube. Here are 10 things I like.

1) Paycheck

Nearly self-explanatory as it gets me closer to my Special Number and helps me research how to get my new free car.

2) Retirement Accounts

It’s not much but the 4% matching contribution to my 401k will buy plenty of scotch-on-the-rocks and victory cigars when the time comes.

3) Health Benefits

Health care is tremendously subsidized by my company. This is an area that I will really have to look into!

4) Education

My company reimbursed me for 1 and a half masters degrees that I took after work. That education will propel me to ever greater heights. Remind me to thank them for that.

5) Great Contacts

By and large my company didn’t hire too many fools. They fired or lost via attrition most of those who were. I feel like I have a pretty good and diverse network for non-employment activities, like learning German.

6) Training

I’ve really learned a lot in my cube. Let’s say that I spent my captivity well. Here’s a short list:

  • Computer Training
  • Systems Engineering
  • Corporate Operations
  • Management and Resource Allocation
  • Investing

7) Discounts

Aside from the fact that I am working all day and don’t have time to blow my cash like I normally do on the weekend, my cube has saved me a ton of money. Things like AAA membership to computers to phones to adventure park passes.

8) Miles and Status

They fly me places, I get miles. The reimburse me for shit, I get thousands of miles.

9) Structure

As silly as it sounds, working in my cube has been great for my diet. I have to be there at a certain time. There are organized activities and nearly everyone adheres to a schedule. When I get out, I burn off frustration in the pool, at the gym, or in the dojo.

10) What I Don’t Want to Be

I realized the other day that there were 2 ‘best’ jobs at my company. There’s the head guy who makes the bank… and the associated hours and stress that goes with it. Then there’s the guy who negotiated half of Thursday and all of Friday off…forever.

One guy makes millions, the other guy gets time but will never, ever make more than he does now. I don’t want to be either of them. I want to be Anthony Bourdain when I grow up.

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How about being the guy that get’s paid enough to reach his Special Number, and only has to work three days a week.

Not your own boss, but DELEGATE!!!

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