Most. Awesome. Itinerary. Ever.

Well, if you’re returning home for a long weekend with 2 friends whom have never been, that is. Heading there 1st weekend of June.

Thursday night


  • Early AM ~6am – breakfast at a deli, train into Brooklyn after a change at the same Jamaina warzone… I mean station. The head to Flatbush avenue. Yes, the same Flatbush made popular in those rap lyrics. Be sure to have ostentatious displays of jewelry at the ready. Just kidding. It’s much improved. Check out the streetview! Yay corporate America!
  • A few steps off the train to the Atlantic Ave Subway. We’ll take the 2 line from Atlantic Ave to Borough Hall, get out and then hike the Bridge! Hike the Brooklyn Bridge to lower Manhattan. Amazing views.
  • Once over the Brooklyn Bridge get back on the subway – the 4 line – and pop out at the Wall St station
  • Walk down Broadway. Get picture of the bull. See secret old post office. Very cool, no one knows this one. Just something I found one day.
  • Take the free Staten Island Ferry – ~1hr round trip. Phenomenal views + you’re on the water!
  • Katz Deli for lunch. Think when harry met sally.
  • 1pm Tour of Chinatown
  • See Empire State Building. Get tickets ahead of time – no waiting and priority access for under $10. Saves hours.
  • Head uptown towards Times Square.
  • See central park.
  • Back into Brooklyn for Tour of Brooklyn Brewery. Take any Uptown/Downtown line to 14th Street, change to the L train for Brooklyn, exit first stop in Brooklyn, Bedford Avenue, (stay at rear of train), walk from North 7th Street to North 11th Street, turn left (towards the water) and walk a block and a half to the brewery.
  • Tasty Brooklyn pizza. You can order a pizza to be delivered to the brewery and eat it there while enjoying a few tasty pints!
  • Maybe even more drinks in Manhattan. Get back home sometime.
  • Saturday

    -Lazy beach day.
    -Fire Island Ferry that night.


    -Early AM – 1/2 day fishing trip.
    -Think Greek diners, Chinese places, delis.


    -Early AM wake up.
    -Head to NYC again on the commuter train. The LIRR, Penn, and downtown are all so much different on a business day.
    -Try to see NYSE trading floor.
    -Take 1pm Brooklyn Heights tour
    -Get to LGA by 5pm for a 7pm flight.

    What do you think? What would you do?

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    If you can do everything listed on Friday in one day, I will be impressed! Most importantly, while you’re in the financial district, check out Ground Zero, and South Street Seaport.

    Your mission Painless, is to take that sweet camera you have and get some awesome pics form the Ferry that can be blown up and put in a picture frame.

    We will have a great time. We’ll check out ground zero in the am when we hit the financial district.

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