It’s a jungle out there. Late days, missed meals, vending machines, donut breakfasts and pizza lunches. These are a few of the booby traps your coworkers set for you that can derail your fitness plans. Fear not. Pack these items in your cube and you’ll be shielded no matter what cubicledom has in store for you.

Workout Clothes

Pilots have a phrase ‘Dress to Egress’ that means when it’s time to eject, make sure you have everything you need for the ground. A Cubicle Warrior needs to think the same way. Keep a bag of workout clothes, towels, hygiene kit stored and ready to go at all times. Whether in your car or at your desk, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t forget your socks and shoes! You’ll look really funny lifting at the gym in dress shoes!

Emergency Food

Powdered shakes work very well here but I stock tuna (in easy zip pouches rather than cans), nuts, and beef jerky for lean times. I keep crystal lite and other sugar -free powders that mix with water, too. Cans of Coke Zero, sugar free coffee creamer, tea bags are also mainstays.


You can’t have shakes without containers (I stock 5 at a time). It’s really hard to eat food without utensils so I keep plastic sets in my drawers.


My drawer looks like a GNC shop. In addition to the aforementioned shakes, I have pills (Ultra 40, Mass Aminos, Lean Out) and anything else I am taking that time in ready supply. The idea is never to have a reason to deviate from my diet checklist.

So, that’s what I do. It’s been a lifesaver more times than one helping me get through retirement cakes, late nights, and early mornings. What did I leave out? What do you pack in your cube?

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