Ever Closer to My Free Car!

Ever closer to my free car!

OK, we’ve talked about Why I Will Never Drive My Porsche to Work. We’ve talked about my (soon-to-be) new, free car. Now we’re going to talk about how Obama wants me to be happy.

Gas guzzlers could get $3,500 or $4,500 in government vouchers to use toward the purchase of new cars that get gas mileage that exceeds the old car’s by four miles per gallon.- CNN

Revisiting the Cubicle Warrior Free Car Equation:

Pn (price of new car) < = Pt (price of trade in) + T(amount of tax
relief) + Voucher

Pt = (via Kelly Blue Book for my beat-up Ford. ) = $2550

T = SC sales tax of 6%

Pn < = $4,500 + $2550 = $7050

Ignoring tax (see rebate) and fees (negotiable), I should be able to get a free new car if I can find one for $7k.

Just not sure if trading in makes this a mutually exclusive proposition so I may have to forgo Pt as it is the lesser value.

OK, had to check. I couldn’t find a US car for $7k, but I found one for
$9k! One of the Cheapest Cars of 2009!

Hyundai Accent
Starting MSRP Accent GS 3-door $9,970
Automatic 26 / 35 MPG

Here are the pics!

Now, would this Cubicle Warrior be seen driving that? No! But I bet I could sell it for $6k!

Add that 6K to another 4,500 for a car with 30 mpg (because 30 is 4 mpg ahead of the Hyundai and thus qualifies for the stimulus) and I’m in the 5-figures mark! That’s Kia range, baby! Movin’ on up!

The Porsche will be mine!

What do you think? Will I get my free car? Any holes in my logic?


  1. DevilDog says:

    The only hole will be if your fuel pump assembly goes before you are prepared to take on this venture.

    p.s.- I hate you….

  2. Cubicle Warrior says:

    Yeah, if my car dies before I make a trade, the equation suffers. But there is additional logic to be had. Future posts!

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