Dhani Jones is an NFL Linebacker. Yeah, that’s pretty sweet work if you can get it. Going on year 10… yeah, he’s like, a half-year older than I am…. he’s getting ready to retire from making millions playing a game I love watching. Now, he’s traveling the world making TV for the travel channel by suiting up and playing an iconic game of the destination. Rugby in London, Lifeguarding in Australia, Muy Thai, Hurling, crazy-assed Swiss wrestling.

Yeah, some of his commentary makes him sound like a whiny bitch (oh, they’re bigger than me! oh, the refs are cheating! Dude, you’re 240lb multi-talented, pro athlete, shut the fuck up!), but you have to admire him. Or at least I do. He’ll retire a multimillionaire from two careers before I make my first million or enter a career that I enjoy.

Check the promo below.

If you could switch careers to a different role, what would you do? I would follow Dhani’s mold and cross it with the dude from Warriors on the history channel and investigate small business around the world.

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