During the fuel crunch last year, ScopeCreep and I were debating ways to make the commute in a different way than our gas guzzling Ford Explorer and Pickup trucks. We hit on bicycling. What would one need to pack to do this?

Why Bike to Work?

  1. Get in Shape
  2. Save $
  3. Help the Environment

Issues faced

  1. Very sweaty way to arrive at work.
  2. Reduced carrying capacity
  3. Live far away
  4. Bad neighborhoods
  5. Prepare for flats, breakdowns, falls.


  • Get in better shape
  • Shower at office
  • Drop our needs. Why carry so much anyway?
  • Pack safety and repair equipment
  • Bike Equipment Needed

    • Tire repair kit
    • Helmet
    • Bike light
    • Lock
    • Water bottle

    Backpack Contents

    -Office Clothes
    -2nd pair of biking clothes? (assuming 1st pair is too rank to put back on)
    -Packed lunch
    -Hygiene kit: Towel, soap, deodorant, flip flops, etc

    Have you every biked to work? How did it work out? What did we leave off?

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