Several Cubicle Warriors are headed to Munich, Germany this September for Oktoberfest. LargeMammal, compiled a little vocabulary list you may wish to brush up on. Just a few things he thought might come in handy.

Of course, there’s the official Oktoberfest English dictionary here.

Pronunciation notes
“W” is pronounced as “V”
“V” is pronounced as “F”
“R” is pronounced as in “Ahnold”

Useful phrases

English German Pronunciation
Hello Allo Allo
Yes Ja “Ya”
No Nein Nine
How are you? Wie geht’s? Vee gates?
A beer Ein bier “Iyn beer”
Please Bitte Bitta
One more, please Einmal, bitte Iynmal, bitta
Good Gut Goot
Bad Schlecht “Shlekt”
What is your name? Wie heisst du? “Vee highst do?”
Here is my friend Hier ist mein Freund “Here isst mine froynd”
What are you drinking? Was trinkst du? “Vass trinkst do?”
More beer, please Mehr bier, bitte “Mare beer, bitta”
You are funny Du bist lustig Do beast loose tig
You are pretty Du bist schön Do beast shern
You are drunk Du bist getrunken “Do beast getrunken”
Come with me Kommt mit mir “Komt mit meer”
This is my hotel Es ist mein hotel Ess isst mine hotel
Yes, I own it Ja, ist mein Ya, isst mine
Who are they? Wer sind alles? “Ver zind allays?”
These are my friends Sie sind meine Freunde Zee zind mina froynda
Where are you going? Woher gehst du? Vo hare gayst do?
Please don’t go Bitte nicht gehen “Bitta nisht gayhen”
Goodbye Auf wiedersehen Owf vee der zay hen
I feel sick Ich bin krank “Eech been kronk”
Where is the toilet? Woher ist die WC? “Vo hare isst dee Vee See?”
Oh my god Mein gott “Mine got”
This is the wrong room Es ist der falsch Zimmer “Ess isst dare falsh tzimmer”
Hello, officer Allo, Herr Polizei-Mann “Allo hare po lee tzai mahn”
US embassy US-Botschaft OO Ess Bot shaft
I’m sorry, Cubicle Warrior Es tut mir leid, Cubicle Warrior “Ess toot meer lied, Cubicle Warrior”

Comments (4)

Oh, I don’t think we need much help getting into trouble. Pretty good at that right now. But that’s ok, trouble makes for better travel stories!

There are some errors in translation.
Hello – Hallo
You are drunken – Du bist betrunken
This is my hotel – Das ist mein Hotel
Who are they – Wer sind die?
Where is the toilet – Wo ist das WC?
These are my friends – Das sind meine Freunde
Where are you going – Wohin gehst du?
This is the wrong room – Das ist das falsche Zimmer

If you have any questions, you can send me an email 😉

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