This article is a list of steps for US natural born citizens who are looking to make getting their passport for the first time from you local, friendly Cubicle Warrior. Why post a list of steps to make it easier? Because this is the US Federal Government at work. And they are next to freaking useless. Spend as little time with them as possible. In fact, follow these steps and you’ll be back before lunch break is over, cubicle slave!

  1. Print and completely fill out the US Passport application found here
  2. Gather necessary documentation. In this case, your real, original birth certificate or registered copy. It’s a good idea to bring your driver’s license and your SSN card if you have them, too. Don’t worry about getting the photo ahead of time, they can do that there.
  3. Fill out the paper work!
  4. Find an approved office that can handle the A-to-Z processing in-house. Call them and cross-check your document.
  5. Double check their operating hours. Make sure to get there at least an hour before any time they close. You do NOT want to be there waiting in line only to have them close with you at bat.
  6. Show them everything. Pay them to take a photo on site. Pay the necessary fees.
  7. Wait for passport to arrive! Dream of awesome new trip!

If you are a resident alien, have renewed a green card, married, landowning or not – call a Congressman.

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Looks like you had success as did Painless. Excellent!

If you already have a passport, right now would be a great time to check that it has not expired. That is something you do not want to find out during pre-boarding! I’ve seen it happen and it is not pretty.

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