…to buy stuff we don’t need.”

What are you really working for? I mean, on Monday, Tuesday, and half of Wednesday you work to pay taxes. (Don’t think it’s 50% or more???) If you’re in debt, you’re working for the holder of that debt.

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“I am Jacks complete lack of surprise” Ultimately, we should all work to be outside consultants, staying on the payroll, and in exchange for our salary we will not tell people these things we know, we don’t even have to come into work, we can do this job from home.

I am jacks smirking revenge to the world of cubicledom….

Well, maybe instead of cubicle extortion we can find a better way. But a transitional plan from working at a cube every day to working at a cube less everyday would be a good start. Eventually working less days at a cube progressing to not working in a cube at all to following our passions for a paycheck is the ideal. And over the next few months I will show you how I plan on doing it while giving regular reports on how it goes so you can do it, too.

Just keep reading and commenting. Deal?

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