It’s easy to lose focus without a feedback mechanism. That’s why so many of the Cubicle Warrior strategies incorporate a way to measure progress AND and an accountability feature to keep us on our way. However, as this site grows its audience, I want to make sure we publish what is entertaining and useful for you.

Below is a list of article ideas that we have. Take a look and vote for what you would like to see here next. If you’d like to see something that we don’t have listed, add it in the comments section.

What is an Epic?

Articles Needed for the F-Club Epic

Continued posted results.
How the winners win.
How I Lost 40 lbs hiking. (
Computer Geek Rocks Bodybuilding Show.
Workouts should be play time.
Adventures in the Farmer’s market – healthful food, small business in action.
F-Club’s Cubicle Survival Checklist – shakes, shake bottles, pills, water bottles.
F-Club’s Daily Checklist for Success.
P90 Review
P90 Plyomentrics Review.
P90 Ab Ripper X Review.
P90 Kempo Review.

Articles Needed for the Travel Epic

Continued Mileage updates
USAir Card
USAir Mileage awards
Business Travel Checklist

Israel Epic
Madrid Epic
London Epic
Rome Epic
Prague Epic
Manhattan Epic
Adventura Palace Epic
Bavaria Epic

Articles Needed for the SWim Epic
The Great South Bay Swim
How to Swim 1 Mile
Open Water Swimming – A Beginner’s Guide
How to Swim 5.5 Miles in Open Water

Cigar Epic
How I Fill My Humidor for Free

Escape Epic
Learning to Fly
Spring Break at 25

Continuing Education Epic

Starting College at 25
Adult Student: Full Time vs Night School
College the Good Will Hunting Way

Lifestyle Epic
Are You an Indoor Pet?
WWHHD? What Would Hugh Heffner Do?

Jobs / Career
Jobs that Don’t Suck –

Finance Epic
The Vegas Account
Income Diversification
How I (Finally) Stopped Bouncing Checks
The Money Bucket Concept
Why I Will Never Drive My Porsche to Work

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You’d think, right! But what was really amazing was the way Painless went about doing it! He had some kind of revelation, got off his ass, and hiked everywhere, everyday, rain, shine or even !@#$ing bears! He has a great story to tell about changing his life AND his body type and I look forward to him telling it.

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