As I write this post I’m trying to figure out how to hold my cigar and keep it lit while balancing my laptop. A few well-deserved puffs from a Victory Cigar washed down with Gentleman Jack should provide excellent inspiration.

A Victory Cigar is my reward for following through on my plans to escape the cubicle. Today I chose a CAO and I am enjoying it from the perch of my back deck on a nearly perfect 70 degree afternoon. It’s a Wednesday in the middle of a demanding work week and I’m glad for the respite and time for reflection.

A Victory Cigar isn’t an every day thing. It’s not even an every month thing. Just when the weather conspires with me and I’ve made progress in each category of my goals to Survive, Endure, Resist and Escape. It is just a little taste of what I expect to enjoy when I finally make my escape from the cube.

Taking time out to enjoy the fruits of your labor is certainly not a bad thing; it’s enviable even. Just don’t let it interfere with your progress.

Do you have a Victory Cigar? If so, how do you enjoy it? Tell us below:

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Free from the confines of a padded cell, a victory cigar is best enjoyed shared with a gorgeous petite blond who is savoring the moment as much as you.

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