Another week, another victory cigar. Today we have a strong CAO CX2 – remind me to tell you one day about how I keep my humidor stocked with these things for basically free. While the accomplishments are coming in – a win in F-Club, a successful business trip, this site being built out – I wonder if this shouldn’t really be called a pre-victory cigar or, even better, a ‘get your self together’ cigar. Allow me to explain.

You see we all have things we don’t want to do that need doing nonetheless. Some of these are necessary evils like take out the trash or ‘build consensus.’ Others fall into the category of two steps backward to go three steps forward. I am in that boat right now and although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it doesn’t make me that much happier about entering that dark cavern.

For me this dark cavern is foot surgery. It was brought on by playing flag football a year ago. Since that time I have worn a cast, taken injections, pills, and seen specialists. It is hoped that by going through surgery I will regain the use of my toe. That’s important because the use of my toe will let me progress on the following epics:

-Lose Fat, Gain Muscle
-Hike with my friends
-Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
-Run around on the beach
-Go Indoor Rock Climbing
-Stand on my tip toes – as needed when changing light bulbs and dancing in a wedding.
-Travel and explore comfortably.

Notice how I did not say play more football!

The surgery sucks because it takes time away from my current epics
-Lose Fat, Gain Muscle – I missed a workout yesterday, and another today. 3 weeks of anticipated healing time do not bode well for my next F-Club measurements.
-Swim 5.5 miles in Open Ocean – again, healing time
-Eliminate Debt – health insurance is great, but there is residual costs
-Vacation – My vacation and sick days are one and the same.
-Dominate at work – I can feel myself getting distracted, plus it’s never good to exit the rat race for health issues.

I am appreciative for some un-intended consequences. As you may guess, I am being pretty productive – both at work all day and here, writing this post (and likely several others). I have been able to learn more about how health insurance, surgeons, and hospitals all inter-relate – and bill. That has given me some insight into how broken our system is and what kind of questions I will eventually need to ask for when I get health insurance through my own company on my Freedom from my Cubicle Day.

The part that bothers me the most is how anxious I am about something I am voluntarily doing. I was able to keep my mind off of the surgery until this morning – 24 hours before cutting time. Those who know me well are familiar with my intense discomfort with needles, medicine, and the like. Yes, it borders on phobia. Yes, my conscious mind like, loves, and accepts the beauties of western medicine. Yes, I realize the ‘only thing I have to fear is fear itself.’ Yes, I realize that worrying is a useless waste of energy best spent elsewhere. It is amazing how I can know all of these things but the second I get a break, the second that I am not consumed by work, by this site, by upcoming adventures, by the next, next thing – I start getting palpitations, my hands sweat, and I become consumed with anxiety.

Not good. Not useful. Not surprising that I’m sitting on the back deck, cigar in hand, typing and rambling away. Perhaps the method that has helped the best is to have written this post. What strategies would you use?

My paranoia about falling behind on my goals and Epics while recovering from surgery has forced me into some creative ideas on how to mitigate the effects. Let’s use the Game of Ten to come up with 10 things I can do – will do – have done to mitigate my lost training time:

While I don’t know how long it will take to heal, I do know two things: 1) I don’t want to have the surgery twice so I will
be focusing on healing. 2) Training Momentum is a funny thing, once you start, you don’t want to stop but once you stop, you don’t want to start again.

1. Make a healing checklist
Last Sprint I did well by making a workout / dieting checklist. It made me entirely aware of what I was doing every day and how consistent I was in my plan to exercise and eat the right things. In my heart I know my progress (or lack thereof) was entirely dependent upon how well I stuck to that plan. You can easily see the days I didn’t stick to it on the 2 Bar crawls I did and during my business trip.

I will modify the workout checklist into a healing checklist. There is no reason I can’t diet and stretch while healing. There is no reason I should sit at home playing video games all day and eat girl scout cookies! This is my opportunity to nail my diet and supplement routine while doubling up on the L-Glutamine for healing and start measuring water intake for fat loss.

2. Get Re-Motivated.
No matter how long I heal, I will still measure in for F-club. If I behave poorly, I wll lose and I will buy steak for one of the winners. Luckily, my FClub friends have made plans to make my 2nd healing night, this Friday, a movie night. We are going to watch a bunch of motivational movies – the kinds of movies that make you sit up and want ot go out and conquer something or see something new right away!

3. Attend to Neglected Plans.

Since I will be out of commission, I will have extra time. I have several banking and accounting issues that I have been putting off.

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