The Game of Ten was relayed to me by a good friend who was phenomenal with women. I was OK but easily dejected, he was awesome – only further encouraged by past success. To help me and others get to his level, he proposed a simple plan each time we went out to a bar, club, party, or wedding:

“Go meet 10 new beautiful women, tonight. Starting….Now!”

That was it. That was his awesome plan for those of us with Game Deficiency Syndrome. It always worked.

Why the Game of 10 Worked:

It worked because we had a verbalized goal (trying to meet 10 new women) instead of an ambiguous idea. It worked because we had accountability (what, you’d stay on the sideline while all of your friends were meeting gorgeous women?) It worked because we always failed.

How Failure Can be a Success

In this particular goal – Meeting 10 beautiful women each night – all of us failed. Every time. No exceptions. But the failure was so beautifully sweet. Not one of us ever met 10 women in a night because inevitably we’d get so caught up with one of them, we would forget about the goal of 10!

In this case the true goal was never to meet 10 beautiful women. The goal was two-fold: Get off our collective asses and 1) meet one amazing woman and 2) have a great time with all of our friends. We always succeeded.

Other Applications of the Game of 10.

Feeling passed over at work? Make a list of 10 things you can do right now to help get noticed. Maybe there are people you need to meet, people you need to know better, systems or concepts you need to learn. Don’t worry about what you’re writing, just write it down. Now go out and do them!

List 10 people in your company that could positively affect your career and set up one-on-ones, meetings, lunches, or other interactions with them. Congratulations, you’re now on their radar.

Upset about your weight? What are 10 things you can do immediately to get in better shape? 10 exercises, 10 healthful dishes, 10 lifestyle changes. You need diet and exercise to be in shape, right? Go 10 days in a row with a perfectly clean diet and sticking to an exercise routing like P90.

Not meeting Mr. / Ms. Right? List ten qualities you want in a relationship. Now think of 10 places those people hang out. Did you list height? Try sports clubs (triathlons, volleyball, basketball come to mind.) Did you list education? Think alumni club. Compassion? Think volunteer work.

Want to start your own business but have not idea where to start? The hardest part about creating a small business is getting your first customers. Use the Game of 10 here to contact 10 likely clients. Be sure to bring a list of 10 reasons why they should hire you on the spot. Next up; get 9 more clients!

The Game of Ten is infinitely extensible. Try it. Put the power of the Game of 10 to use now. There is no end to how successful you can be if you just get off your ass and start.

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I have recently proven this theory in an area where it can be optimally deployed. Let me tell you, it is the greatest strategy in the world!

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