1. Don’t Talk About F-Club.
“The first rule of F-Club is that you don’t talk about F-club.” Except for on this website…right? Most people trying to change their body composition are very insecure about their weight. Some people are just naturally private. Respect their wishes. Don’t name names. That’s why we use MASH inspired pseudonyms.

2. Thou Shall Measure.
Measuring body fat / muscle progress is the only objective way to pursue the subjective goal of ‘get in better shape.’ Measurements tell you when you’re doing something right and when and where you need improvement. It’s also the only way to know whose turn it is to buy the steak!!!

3. Thou shall sprint.

You must define your time period and it must be consistent. Common sayings tell that doing something for 1 month will lead to a repeatable goal. 4 weeks is fine. I used 2 weeks with Trapper for the first instance of F-Club because it fit our schedules. We use 3 weeks now because that makes sense. I do not believe that anything more or less would be very effective.

4. Thou shall compete.

Friendly competition brings out the best in all of us. It motivates you when you’re down. It also keeps you on the straight and narrow. Compete. Enjoy it. And work your best to win!!!

5. Thou shall help your competition.
Share what you learn with your competitors. If everyone is not improving, your club will not be sustainable and it will not be fun. Sharing information will make you better and your friends better. And trust me, when your friends start kicking your ass in F-Club, you’ll get tired of buying them steak and ramp up your efforts, too. After all, what’s the fun in beating the 4 year old next door at chess? Teaching that kid to be the next Bobby Fischer and then beating him is what it’s all about!!!

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