When I wrote the How to Earn Free Flights article I mentioned that I started this year with 100,000 USAir Divend Miles and 50,000 Delta Skymiles.  Not surprisingly, people want to know how I did it.

There were 3 components.

1. I got a credit card for both, after joining the program on-line  (ex Delta Skymiles.) Plus they gave me a huge (25,000 or so) point bonus for joining.

2. I spent $ I was going to spend anyway.

For each $1 spent, they gave me a point. My company reimburses me $9000 for grad school. I put all of my tuition on my card each semester and paid it off when the company paid me. Several years of this lead to several thousand points (and a graduate degree) at no cost to myself.

3. I would fly these airlines to different destinations when the opportunity (re: sale or once-in-a-lifetime event occurred.) Ex. Rome to watch my father speak at a university, Jerusalem to Dig Mount Zion. If I used my card to book these flights, I would get double miles. It’s a long way to Tel Aviv and back. Multiply by 2 and you get some serious miles!!!

It is important to note that debt is slavery. You cannot be a cubicle warrior if you are amassing massive amounts of debt. That debt will imprison you. Cubicle Warrior is about finding the freedom to follow your passion. Only use this technique for things you were only going to buy and have the cash on hand to spend (or somebody else’s cash to spend!)

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